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We thought Modi was anti-Muslim like Trump, but he failed us: Hindu Sena chief

Somi Das | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:49 IST

The Hindu Sena today grabbed headlines after organising a yagya in honour of Republican presidential candidate Donal Trump. Justifying its decision to endorse Trump, in a press release, the organisation's president Vishnu Gupta said:

"We are all victims of Islamic terror; they killed, beheaded, burnt alive millions of innocent beings. To fight against such evil we need a brave leader globally. Donald Trump is that man with brave heart. (Sic)"

If you remember, it was Gupta's complaint that beef was being served in Kerala House that led to Delhi Police carrying out a raid on the place. Catch News spoke to Gupta on why he supports Trump. Excerpts from the interview:

What was your yagya all about?

We organised the yagya in support of Donald Trump because he is now officially the Republican candidate. We hope that Donald Trump wins with a huge majority.

Why do you support him?

It is because he is talking about waging a war against terrorism. I will write a letter to him requesting him to come to India after becoming the President of United States of America and help us fight terrorism imported from Pakistan.

Whether it's Bush or Obama, all have said that they are waging a war against terrorism. How is Trump any special in promising fight against terrorism?

Only Trump has spoken about attacking Islamic terrorism. Nobody utters the word Islam while talking about terrorism. Only he has done that. And he has also spoken about cracking down on Muslims. That's why he is different.

Why do you feel the need to attach the word Islam to terrorism when world powers are already fighting terrorism?

That's exactly the problem - we are not addressing the right problem. You have to call it by the right name if you have to fight it. Who else from India is joining the Indian Mujahideen and other terrorist groups? Who else is joining ISIS if not Muslims? Do you not see how the ISIS treats women?

Talking about women, I'm sure you have heard the way Donald Trump speaks about women.

But that's not the primary issue. The issue is terrorism. It's not as if all our politicians employ respect while talking about women. Instead of criticising Trump we must focus on how Lalu and Mulayam Singh Yadav talk about women.

But Trump doesn't seem to like Indians very much. He made fun of the Indian accent and more importantly, he is against giving jobs to Indians.

That doesn't matter. Any person would first try to protect his country. As a President, it is his job to give jobs to his own people first. Nobody likes outsiders to acquire their space and become powerful. Indians should look for jobs in India.

But there aren't many jobs in India.

Narendra Modi should create jobs. Kejriwal should create jobs in Delhi.

Do you feel that India needs a leader like Trump?

Not just India, the world needs a leader like Trump. I think the only person who could have matched up to Trump in India was Bal Thackeray. We had similar faith in Narendra Modi when we voted for him in 2014. But he has failed us miserably. We had voted for him on the basis of his image post-2002. But now, he talks about Islam being a religion of peace.

What do you want Narendra Modi to do? Should he turn, as you say, "Trump-like"?

First, he should enforce the Uniform Civil Code and second, he should ensure that the Ram Temple is constructed. Or else, he will lose power. Atal Bihari Vajpayee came to power for five years and then BJP was out for the next 10 years. If Modi fails to deliver on these promises, BJP might be out of power for a longer period. He must also ask the Indian diaspora in the US to vote for Trump.

What does your organisation do? Do you follow the RSS ideology?

We help Hindus whenever they are in any problem. We help them get jobs too. As far as ideology is concerned, we don't follow the RSS. The Sangh alone is no 'thekedar' of the Hindu ideology. We follow the ideology of Hindutva and believe in India becoming a Hindu Rashtra.

First published: 11 May 2016, 8:58 IST
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