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Uttar Pradesh church issue a 'Mere allegation' to harass minority: Father Solomon George

News Agencies | Updated on: 9 April 2017, 14:59 IST
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After the Hindu Yuva Vahini in Uttar Pradesh's Maharajganj district stopped a prayer at a church attended by over 100 people alleging forced conversions, Father Solomon George on 9 April, 2017 called it a 'mere allegation' to harass the minority community.

Father George told ANI that those actually involved in conversion should be brought to book.

"These all are mere allegations, there is no evidence. If there is any evidence of conversion, the mater should be brought into the public notice to the law of the book and I think that proper action should be taken. Without any evidence if you interrupt a prayer, halt the worship, it is against the fundamental rights of the people," Father George said.

"So, I think the government should take this incident as harassment to the minority community. And moreover, the Christians are very peace loving, they love his country," he added.

Father George further said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should take cognizance of the matter and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath should order an inquiry into the same.

"No incident of terrorism or any anti-national activity comes from the Christians. Christians have always protected the country, will remain united and they are a very integral part of this country," he added.

Earlier on 9 April, 2017, the Congress Party while recalling Adityanath's image as a Hindutva 'firebrand' leader said that the Chief Minister should discard his 'old style' and work towards development of the state.

Congress leader Meem Afzal said Adityanath would be at loss if he continues to do things as per his wish.

The leader further said the Hindu Yuva Vahini, being founded by the Chief Minister, is resorting to such tactics because it is sure that no investigation would take place against the organisation.

"On the one hand, there is propaganda that he is making efforts to improve Uttar Pradesh and on the other hand his old style is also being carried forward. As the Chief Minister, he should stop that and work towards the development of Uttar Pradesh. He will be at loss if he tries to do whatever he wants to only because he now has power," Afzal told ANI.

The Hindu Yuva Vahini on 8 April, 2017 interrupted a Church prayer service alleging that religious conversion was being carried out and filed a complaint against Yohannan Adam, the pastor of the church, accusing him of converting Hindus to Christianity, which was flatly denied by the latter.

The service, which was being attended by more than 150 people including foreign tourists, was interrupted by the youth group who barged into the hall and created a ruckus.

The tourists were allowed to go after their passports were thoroughly checked.

The Christian group denied that it was carrying out conversions and asserted that it was a simple prayer service.

"The police personnel even climbed onto our holy altar and took away our bible and song books. They even questioned all those who came to attend the prayer." Pastor Adam told ANI.

This is not the first such instance that has come to light, as earlier in 2017 the Hindu Yuva Vahini had attacked the Full Gospel Church in Gorakhpur over similar allegations.

The Hindu right wing has continuously and vociferously alleged that Christian missionaries are converting people through coercion.


First published: 9 April 2017, 14:59 IST