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Sunglasses distributed to fishermen for protection from UV rays

News Agencies | Updated on: 7 August 2017, 18:25 IST

In a unique initiative of its kind, the India Vision Institute (IVI) and Essilor Vision Foundation have come together to distribute free sunglasses to 150 fishermen from the Chinna Neelangarai community in Chennai today.

The sunglasses will help protect the fishermen from UV radiation that can lead to vision loss.

The sunglasses were distributed at Chinna Neelangarai Kuppam in the presence of Mr. V.E Mathiazhagan, Secretary, Shollinghanallur, East Zone; Mr. Aravind Ramesh, MLA Shollinganallur; Vinod Daniel, CEO-India Vision Institute and Essilor India Pvt. Ltd.'s Mr. Dharmaprasad Rai and Mr.Vinayak Raman.

Vinod Daniel, IVI CEO, said, "the sunglasses will help protect the fishermen from damage to their eyes. The healthy side of sunlight notwithstanding, prolonged exposure to it increases the risk of potential eye damage and vision loss."

"Fishing folk, farmers and other manual laborers who remain outdoors for prolonged periods of time are at great risk from UV radiation.People who work outdoors receive 5-10 times more UV doses than those indoors. Sunglasses bring down the risk of potential eye damage," Mr. Daniel noted.

"Events such as these also help in spreading awareness among community members. Simply wearing sunglasses by fisherfolk out at sea will not only help protect them from UV rays but also improve their vision and improve their catch," he added.

Mr. Ramachandran, Group Chief Operating Officer, Essilor India Pvt. Ltd., said "Essilor is pleased to be able to associate with the program through the Essilor Vision Foundation. The sunglasses distributed today should help fishermen protect themselves from harmful UV rays."

IVI acknowledges the support of Essilor Vision Foundation in providing sunglasses to the fishermen community of Chinna Neelangarai Community

Advantages of sunglasses

Eliminates glare off water, gives a wider scope of vision, help see across water, improves clarity when fishing in sandy lakes or stream beds, protects from many sunburn ocular diseases like cataract, Pterygium, Keratitis, macular degeneration etc.


First published: 7 August 2017, 18:25 IST