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Priyanka Gandhi's Debut Speech: 'Your vote is a weapon, ask the right questions in polls'

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 12 March 2019, 16:40 IST
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

At the Congress Working Committee meet in Gujarat, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has made her debut speech wherein she has said that “your vote is a weapon and every citizen must ask right citizens in the polls.”

Speaking at the rally herein Gandhinagar, Priyanka Gandhi has said, “This country is made on the foundations of love, harmony & brotherhood. Today whatever is happening in the country is very sad.”

Attacking the BJP, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in her first election speech since she was appointed as the General Secretary of the UP East, said, “Our institutions are being attacked, hatred is being spread everywhere.”

Priyanka reminded BJP of their poll promise, which was later termed as a ‘jumla’ and asked, “where are the Rs 15 lakh and where are the jobs.”

She further asked the electorates that “You will have to think what exactly is this election. What are you going to choose in this election? You are going to choose your future. Useless issues should not be raised.”

Ahead of the Lok Sabha election, delivering her first election speech in Gandhinagar, Priyanka Gandhi reminded people to raise valid issues, “Issues which should be raised must comprise as to what is most important for you&how can you move forward. How will youth get jobs, how will women feel safe, what will be done for farmers. These are the issues for elections.”

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First published: 12 March 2019, 16:40 IST