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OMG! Several women in India go for 'hymen repair' surgery to restore their virginity and become 'pure' again

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 22 May 2018, 17:39 IST

In today's modern world, women have widely involved in vaginal surgeries to repair the hymen and become virgin again. Virginity repair is also known as 'Hymenoplasty', or 'Re-virgination'. As nowadays people get into an intimate relationship with their partner or in friends with benefit relations before marriage and later undergo to the various kind of dangerous virginal repair to tighten their hymens.

In the surgery that hymen is reconstructed or stitched, so the next time the woman has sex, it will tear and bleed again. Private clinics charge hefty amounts from the women and it takes nearly 30 minutes to perform.

Well, it is also believed that woman also prefer the virginity repair surgery as it is commonly believed that the men prefer virgin wives. The social pressure on girls on being a virgin is equal to being pure.

Not just globally, despite the increase of youngsters in sexual-activeness in India, several surveys show that a huge percentage of men still look for a virgin partner.

Whenever, a girl is on the next step of her life that is, to get married, she has to go through several kinds of awful questions and among that one is 'Are you Virgin?'. In this modern era, there still are in numerous well-educated heads with the shit in their head and wants 'virgin wife', managed to make its space in their mind. Directly or indirectly this left the woman to go through the dangerous surgeries.

Apart from social and personal pressure, it is the ugly truth of the society that hymen repair has also become the trends in various countries among that one in India. The UK's National Health Service (NHS) reveals that 'virginity repair' surgeries have become a popular trend in the country.

According to NHS, within ten years, almost 109 women have undergone the procedure in the hospitals run by them.

The hymen repair surgeries involve reconstructing the hymen, which is a thin membrane at the opening of the vagina that can tear during sex/ intercourse.

Potential Side Effects of Vaginal Surgery:

-Sudden and intermittent bleeding after the surgery.

-A fever, which is an indication that woman may have some sort of infection.

-Change in the normal colour of the skin around the vagina, such as yellow or green.

-An increase in pain, numbness or a tingling sensation in the vagina. It is an indication of nerve injury

-Swelling in the vaginal area.

The side effects of Hymenoplasty are often witnessed. But mainly these kinds of effects women can experience post surgeries.

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First published: 21 May 2018, 21:16 IST