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Modi Cabinet expansion: A look at the assets of newly-inducted ministers

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:49 IST

PM Narendra Modi inducted 19 new ministers into his Council of Ministers on 5 July, ahead of the monsoon session of Parliament scheduled to start later this month. While Prakash Javadekar was promoted, six Cabinet ministers have been dropped from the council.

The list of the 19 new ministers includes five Dalit leaders, two from minority communities and two women.

Here's a look at the assets and liabilities of the newly inducted ministers:

1) Jaswant Singh Bhabhor

The tribal leader is a Lok Sabha MP from Gujarat's Dahod.

Assets: Rs 1.97 crore (Rs 1,96,61,231)

Liabilities: Rs 17 lakh (Rs 17,41,547)

2) Ramdas Athawale

The Dalit leader is a Rajya Sabha MP from Maharashtra.

Assets: Rs 3.66 crores (Rs 3,66,59,600)

Liabilities: Rs 21 lakh (Rs 21,40,500)

3) Ramesh Chandappa Jigajinagi

The Dalit leader is a Lok Sabha MP from Karnataka's Bijapur.

Assets: Rs 8.94 crores (Rs 8,94,29,828)

Liabilities: Rs 53 lakh (Rs 53,05,043)

4) Anil Madhav Dave

The author-cum-environmentalist is a Rajya Sabha MP from Madhya Pradesh.

Assets: Rs 60 lakh (Rs 60,97,179)

Liabilities: Rs 26 lakh (Rs 26,01,600)

5) Faggan Singh Kulaste

The tribal leader is a Lok Sabha MP from Mandala in Madhya Pradesh.

Assets: Rs 2.57 crores (Rs 2,57,38,420)

Liabilities: Rs 98,311

6) PP Choudhary

The Lok Sabha MP from Pali in Rajasthan is a senior advocate and an RSS worker.

Assets: Rs 35.35 crores (Rs 35,35,03,467)

Liabilities: Rs 78 lakh (Rs 78,92,216)

7) Purshottambhai Rupala

The OBC Kushwaha leader hails from Gujarat.

Assets: Rs 7.54 crores (Rs 7,53,65,554)

Liabilities: Rs 7 lakh (Rs 7,13,024)

8) SS Ahluwalia

The Lok Sabha MP from Darjeeling was the Deputy Leader of Opposition in the Upper House during Manmohan Singh's term.

Assets: Rs 2,34 crores (Rs 2,33,77,223)

Liabilities: Rs 4.4 lakh (Rs 4,43,035)

9) Rajen Gohain

The 65-year-old tribal leader is a Lok Sabha MP from Assam's Nawong.

Assets: Rs 2.47 crores (Rs 2,47,36,544)

Liabilities: Rs 53 lakh (Rs 53,28,287)

10) Vijay Goel

The Delhi leader was elected to Rajya Sabha from Rajasthan.

Assets: Rs 29.97 crores (Rs 29,97,53,000)

Liabilities: Rs 1.01 crores (Rs 1,01,61,490)

11) Mahendra Nath Pandey

The Lok Sabha MP from Chandauli in Uttar Pradesh holds a PhD in Hindi.

Assets: Rs 2.65 crores (Rs 2,64,89,505)

Liabilities: Rs 11.14 lakh (Rs 11,14,000)

12) Subhash Ram Rao Bhamre

The Lok Sabha MP from Dhule in Maharashtra. Bhamre is a doctor who specialises in cancer surgery.

Assets: Rs 12.58 crores (Rs 12,58,33,320)

Liabilities: Rs 6.60 lakh (Rs 6,60,757)

13) MJ Akbar

The senior journalist is a Rajya Sabha MP from Jharkhand.

Assets: Rs 35.75 crores (Rs 35,75,39,712)

Liabilities: Rs 2.71 crore (Rs 2,71,35,168)

14) Ajay Tamta

The Lok Sabha MP from Uttarakhand's Almora is a Dalit leader.

Assets: Rs 63.67 lakh (Rs 63,66,653)

Liabilities: Rs 27.58 lakh (Rs 27,57,846)

15) Krishna Raj

The Lok Sabha MP from Uttar Pradesh's Shahjahanpur is one of the three faces from the poll-bound state.

Assets: Rs 1.65 crores (Rs 1,65,06,411)

Liabilities: Rs 36.12 lakhs Rs 36,12,812

16) ML Mandaviya

The Rajya Sabha MP from Gujarat represents the Patel community.

Assets: Rs 1.77 crore (Rs 1,77,06,931)

Liabilities: Rs 68,000

17) Anupriya Patel

The young Apna Dal leader is Lok Sabha MP from UP's Mirzapur.

Assets: Rs 2.68 crore (Rs 2,68,58,156)

Liabilities: Rs 18 lakh (Rs 18,05,603)

18) CR Chaudhary

The Jat leader is a Lok Sabha MP from Nagaur, Rajasthan.

Assets: Rs 1.79 crore (Rs 1,79,21,949)

Liabilities: Rs 0

19) AR Meghwal

Dalit leader Arjun Ram Meghwal is a Lok Sabha MP from Bikaner.

Assets: Rs 1.81 crore (Rs 1,81,42,863)

Liabilities: Rs 12.16 lakh (Rs 12,16,408)

First published: 5 July 2016, 3:42 IST