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MiG 27 pilot lauded by villagers even after the deadly fly jet crash; here’s why

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 5 September 2018, 8:15 IST

On 4th September, Jodhpur people were left in shock after a fighter jet MiG-27 got crashed in the field. However, no loss of life news has come to light and also the pilot of the jet also extracted from the mouth of death. Besides, a deadly plane crash, villagers of Jalleli Fauzdar and Devlia near Jodhpur have lauded the pilot.

Yes, villagers have praised the pilot for taking the plane away from the densely populated areas before the jet crashed. However, seeing fighter jet is not the new thing for the villagers as they used to see jets flying in the sky daily. But on Tuesday the things went wrong after the plane got crashed.

As the plane crashed in a field suddenly it started burning and the flames were coming out of it and soon it was completely destroyed. However, a pilot was safely ejected from the jet.

The villagers have spotted the pilot walking away from the crashed fighter plane. After seeing the crashed, villagers rushed to the spot and help the pilot. They offered him water, tea and snacks to him but he rejected and just lie down on the ground and soon, the rescue team reached the spot in the helicopter.

The rescue team has examined the crashed plane and took the pilot via helicopter. Later, villagers helped the IAF’s personnel in collecting the debris of the plane.

Before the plane crashed, the aircraft has been taken off from the Indian Air Force’s Jodhpur airbase. Because of the blast, women were scared who were grazing cattle nearby the accident spot.

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First published: 5 September 2018, 7:52 IST