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#MeToo: Journalists Aayush Sharma accuses senior women journalist of sexual harassment; says, 'she touched my private part thrice'

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 9 October 2018, 14:32 IST

In the era of the internet and social media, several women across the country coming in front and sharing their ordeal they have faced several years ago under the #MeToo campaign. Recently several big names have come under MeToo movement's attack. From former senior editor M J Akbar to TOI editor K R Shreenivas have been accused of sexual harassment by the several women journalists.

In this #MeToo campaign, on He Too campaign has come forward, where a Sports Journalist Aayush Sharma has accused a senior woman journalist of sexual harassment, who had asked him for some 'special' favours in an interview. He shared his MeToo story in a series of the tweet.

“Yes, I have a #MeToo story too. During an interview, for a good & reputed media house, this lady, who was the head of the department asked me for some special favours if I have to join the organisation. I was surprised to hear that and said, 'What kind of favours?” tweeted Sharma.

He also said how the lady came close to him and made an uncomfortable touch, “She opened her hair and closed the door. She said, 'See, I have needs and I think you are perfectly for doing that'. She came to me and put her hand on my thigh and started to rub them. This made me uncomfortable because never in my wildest dreams, I was expecting this.”

“I just took her hand away and tried to leave. She said, 'If you scream now, I'll tell everyone that you tried to touch me at my private parts. I can ruin your career in just seconds'. As a newcomer, I was scared. I said, 'Please, let me go. I won't tell anyone,” he tweeted.

He also alleged how she touched his private part and was in no mood to listen. “But she was in no mood to listen. She came closer to me and touched my private part thrice. I was disgusted by what she was doing and I was equally scared that if I did something wrong, it is me, who has to face the consequences. When it got too much, I just pushed her back.”

However, he managed to escape from her glitch but still, she kept on threating him of filing a case against him. After which he changed his contact number. Sharma said, “Those 10 minutes were the scariest moments in my life. No one should ever face such heinous situations. Whether a girl or a boy, it takes a lot of their mental strength and changes it to a weakness. I hope people listen and come out with their experiences.”

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First published: 9 October 2018, 14:32 IST