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Fight against terrorism is not against any religion: PM Modi at World Sufi forum

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 14 February 2017, 5:58 IST

Maintaining that Sufism is the voice of peace, co-existence, compassion and equality, and a call to universal brotherhood, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said Sufism blossomed in India's openness and pluralism and it engages with the country's spiritual tradition and evolved its own Indian ethos.

He also emphasised why the message of Sufism is important at a time when the world is fighting terrorism.

Delivering the inaugural lecture at the World Sufi Forum in the national capital, Prime Minister Modi said, "Sufism's contribution to poetry in India is huge. Its impact on the development of Indian music is profound: All our people, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis, believers, non-believers, are an integral part of India."

Welcoming the delegates from various parts of the world, the Prime Minister said, "Welcome to a land that is a timeless fountain of peace and an ancient source of traditions and faiths. Welcome to the ancient city of Delhi- built by the genius of diverse peoples, cultures and faiths."

"This is an extraordinary event of great importance to the world, at a critical time for humanity. At a time, when the dark shadow of violence is becoming longer, you are the noor or the light of hope. When young laughter is silenced by guns on the streets, you are the voice that heals," he exhorted the delegates.

For the Sufis, service to God meant service to humanity, said PM, adding, "Just as it once came to India, today Sufism from India has spread across the world. Let me paraphrase what I have said before: Terrorism divides and destroys us."

" Terrorism uses diverse motivations and causes, none of which can be justified. The fight against terrorism is not a confrontation against any religion. It cannot be. Diversity is a basic reality of Nature and source of richness of a society; and, it should not be a cause of discord" he said.

The Prime Minister observed, "At the beginning of a new century, we are at yet another point of transformation on a scale rarely seen in human history."


First published: 17 March 2016, 10:35 IST