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Defence experts urges Govt, Army to take action against Pak

News Agencies | Updated on: 2 May 2017, 16:33 IST

A day after Pakistani troops killed two Indian soldiers and mutilated their bodies near the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir's Poonch district, the defence experts on Tuesday urged the government and the Indian Army to take a proper action in response to such a shameful act.

"It seems like the Pakistan Army has also become a "terrorist" while accommodating them. This is not the first time. Such things happened earlier as well. The Pakistan Army does such things and blames terrorists for this. The policy of Pakistan is that the terrorists are strategic assests for them. India is a responsible and an emerging country. Such incidents are very shameful for us. India has never done things like this earlier and even not going to do in future," defence expert Rameshwar Rai told ANI.

While responding to this matter, Rai suggested some ways to deal with such situations.

"We can answer them by convictional army or by convictional response. In convictional response, I believe that for last 14 years, the ceasefire which has been on hold must be finished, so that the army on the field gets more freedom to react on such matters as soon as possible on the technical level only. The solution to this problem is a direct raid by targetting Pakistani troops and their terrorists, and then only, we can say that we have reacted to them on this matter," Rai added.

Meanwhile, another defence expert Rahul Jalali assured by saying that the Army was taking retaliatory actions by attacking the posts.

"Yes, the army is taking the retaliatory action by pounding the post. Apart from that, I think army needs to increase their artillery selling on Pakistan so that the launching pads of the terrorists also come under the ambit of the Indian guns. This retaliatory action of pounding the posts should continue for the long time. We should not do this for only couple of days and then give it up because we know that Pakistan doesn't give up on what they do. There are talks about further actions, whatever it may be the Army will decide," Jalali said.

He also suggested the government and the Indian Army for an internal review of how the border action team of Pakistan entered into the Indian Territory.

"Also, I think there should be some element of internal review also as to how did the border action team of Pakistan get into Indian Territory because this not happened once this also happened before," he added.

The Indian Army confirmed the news of mutilation by the Pakistan Army by releasing a statement on Twitter.

The Army, in a tweet said, "Pak Army carried out unprovoked Rocket and Mortar firing on two forward posts on the line of control in Krishna Ghati Sector. Simultaneously, a BAT action was launched on a patrol operating in between the two posts. In an unsoldierly act by the Pak Army the bodies of two of our soldiers in the patrol were mutilated. Such despicable act of Pakistan Army will be appropriately responded."


First published: 2 May 2017, 16:33 IST