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CID assures adequate punishment for U.S. national arrested for child pornography

News Agencies | Updated on: 11 February 2017, 5:46 IST

Following the arrest of an American national for downloading and uploading child pornography, the Inspector General, CID, Telangana Police Saumya Mishra on Wednesday said given the ample amount of evidence which the police have recovered, they would be able to put him behind bars.

"I am sure with all these evidences we will have a very successful prosecution," Mishra told ANI.

Mishra also told that the police have recovered huge material from his residence.

More than 29,000 videos of child pornography were recovered. His laptop, hard disk, telephone, his cell phone had images and videos.

The accused himself confessed that he was habituated to this and he has about 497 GigaTribe profiles with whom he used to share it. Also, he had 24 Twitter handles for it.

Asserting that strict action would be taken against the guilty, Mishra said, "As per IT Act, sharing and browsing, uploading, downloading child pornography is a criminal act and we take very strong action regarding this. In fact, the punishment for the first-timer is five years, and for subsequent acts is seven years."

42-year-old James Kirk Jones was arrested by cybercrime wing of Telangana's Criminal Investigation Department ( CID) on receiving inputs from the Interpol.

The cyber crime received a tip-off about an IP address which was used to share child pornography-related content.

The IP address was then traced to reach Jones' residence in Madhapur in the Information Technology district Cyberabad.


First published: 18 January 2017, 4:00 IST