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Shiamak Davar's latest choreography showcases strength of women

News Agencies | Updated on: 4 July 2017, 14:35 IST

Ace choreographer Shiamak Davar's dance troop recently gave an inspiring performance to showcase the fight for gender equality and the strength of a woman.

"Besides being a medium to celebrate and entertain, dance is a very strong platform to interpret social issues through movement. Kaari Kaari is a piece I've choreographed to showcase the strength of women. The universe exists within them and that they must stand up for their rights.

The scale represents the balance between the genders, which goes against nature when men overpower women," said Shiama k about the performance at Summer Funk 2, a show put up by the budding professionals, in June.

Adding, "For generations, women have been mistreated, their voice has been suppressed. But the time has come when the balance must be maintained again."

As per the current scenario, gender inequality in India persists despite high rates of economic growth, and is particularly apparent among marginalized groups. Women participate in employment and decision making much less, than men. This disparity is not likely to be eliminated soon. India's poor performance on women's empowerment and gender equality is reflected in many indicators.

Discrimination against women and girls is a pervasive and long-running phenomenon that characterizes Indian society at every level. India's progress towards gender equality, measured by its position on rankings such as the Gender Development Index has been disappointing, despite fairly rapid rates of economic growth.

Hence, the performance is a fight against that.


First published: 4 July 2017, 14:35 IST