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One month on from demonetisation and it's all jokes for metro citizens

It\'s been over a month since 8 november came around. It was the day when one went from having a lot of cash to being cashless. It was the day Prime Minister Narendra Modi upstaged Donald Trump\'s impending and shocking US presidential election victory over Hillary Clinton.

9 November was full of confusion and widespread panic. It\'s not everything a big band economic reform like demonetisation comes around. All of a sudden, and within four hours of the announcement, Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes were illegal tender. In times like these though, citizens, those in metros and with access to smartphones and social media, turn to humour to provide that tinge of comic relief needed to survive the situation.

From standing in queues to finding out all the money is gone. From thinking highly of Modi to cursing him on an hourly basis.

From memes (photos with a caption) to jokes to WhatsApp forwards and an inbox full of em, demonetisation and humour has taken over.

The urban people, those who can function without cash, those people are the ones who can afford to joke. It\'s those who have been posting about demonetisation all over social media.

There are even Hitler jokes on demonetisation. Der Untergang is a Austrian film about the man behind the Second World War, Adolf Hitler. Most Indians wouldn\'t have heard of the movie but they have seen a particular scene from the film. It\'s a scene that has been turned into a meme before, during Arvind Kejriwal\'s rousing victory in the Delhi elections and the phase of Adarsh Liberals. Now, it is the subject of demonetisation.

Social media, especially those on Twitter, had a field day over the whole demonetisation issue. One month on, here are some of the best: