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In Pictures: Wasteland - every Mad Max fan's dream

If you\'re a big Mad Max fan you probably own the DVD, watch it multiple times and memorise its dialogues. But if you\'re a HUGE Mad Max fan, you put together your best War Boys costume, mod the living F out of your car, wave goodbye to your home and take off to Wasteland - the world\'s biggest post-apocalyptic festival.

Once a year, revellers in costume turn a part of the Mojave desert into their fantasy post-apocalyptic get together. The festival takes itself very seriously - every attendee (there were around 2,500 at this year\'s edition) is in costume - onlookers simply aren\'t allowed. Most vehicles at the event are also done up to stay in character.

Like every festival, music plays a large part in the proceedings. However, if you\'re expecting the soothing sounds of a pop crooner, Wasteland probably isn\'t for you as the fare on offer is a lot heavier.

The same goes for the recreational activities, as attendees indulge in jugger matches where, kitted out in post-apocalyptic protective gear, they attack each other with staffs, chains and non-lethal swords to gain control of a fake dog\'s head.

Beat that, Burning Man.