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Historic vote to repeal abortion ban: Exit polls in Ireland show 68% people may say 'Yes'

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 26 May 2018, 14:44 IST

Ireland went to polls yesterday for a historic referendum to repeal the abortion ban. According to Irish Times poll, 4,000 said the "Yes" camp was leading by 68 percent to 32 percent. It is believed that the repeal vote is all set to win by a two-thirds majority.

The campaign geared post the death of 31-year-old Indian-origin woman Savita Halappanavar in 2012. She had requested to terminate her pregnancy of 17 weeks but the Catholic country disapproved and later she passed away. She was a dentist by profession, who died of blood poisoning post miscarriage.

Prime Minister Leo Varadkar who supports the referendum said, "Thank you to everyone who voted today. Democracy in action. It's looking like we will make history tomorrow." Polls predict that 87 percent of voters between 18-24 years voted to allow abortion.

The exit poll showed "an overwhelming desire for change that nobody has foreseen," wrote Irish Times deputy political editor Fiach Kelly.
Kelly said, "The victory for the 'Yes' campaign looks set to be neither narrow nor based on a few segments of Irish society. Rather, it will be carried high on the shoulders of a majority across the entire country," He even pointed that the exit poll indicated that 59 percent voted for change. He called it "the final casting off of old mores".

Three months before the referendum, Pope Francis visited families in Ireland. Nearly three years after Ireland voted to legalise same-sex marriage.

The final result is to be announced later in the day at the main counting centre in Dublin Castle.

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First published: 26 May 2018, 14:36 IST