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Afghanistan: Afghan forces remove Taliban 'checkpoints' from Baghlan-Balkh highway

News Agencies | Updated on: 11 January 2021, 15:30 IST

Afghan commando forces have removed all Taliban "checkpoints" from the Baghlan-Balkh highway as they were being used to extort money from the passersby.

Tolo News quoted the security officials as saying on Sunday that the Taliban was extorting people on the highway, "earning millions of Afghanis" a day.

"Over the last two days, we had successful operations in 'Highway No. 1' as well as in Kelagai area (in Baghlan). The enemy's outposts have been removed and at least 17 of them have been killed," said Mohammad Ali Yazdani, Commander of 217 Shaheen Corps.

"The enemy has been dispersed. The enemy's ability has been reduced in Baghlan," said Mujib Rahman, a commando officer.

Tolo News quoted Firoz, a Baghlan resident as saying, "Their 'customs' of Afs15,000 to Afs20,000 from every vehicle had negatively impacted the prices (of goods)."

It is to mention that the Baghlan-Balkh highway is one of the key routes connecting the northern part of the country with Kabul and other provinces in the centre and east.


First published: 11 January 2021, 15:31 IST