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There is Modi. There is Kejriwal. And there are the homeless of Mehrauli


Ajay Thakur, his two daughters -- two-months- and two-years-old -- and his nine months' pregnant wife have spent the last four nights in the open. Thakur can't stop weeping. He doesn't know where to keep his children, the older of whom has been in a vegetative state since birth. He also fears for the life of his pregnant wife and the child she bears.

Thakur came to Delhi 13 years ago. Until recently the wages he earned from sweeping floors and collecting garbage was enough to take care of his family of four. But since Monday he's lost his home and, when he didn't report to work for a day, his job as well. With that house Thakur also lost his life's earnings.

As has happened to thousands of other people living in jhuggis in Mehrauli's shamshaan ghat area - his house was demolished on Monday.

On Tuesday night some Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) volunteers arranged for some food and tents. Thakur believed he would begin his life afresh in this new settlement.

But on Wednesday night he was told that the arrangement made for food and tents was over. No more food would be served to them and by Thursday noon, the tents would be dismantled and taken away as well.

Thakur can't believe the tragic turn his life has taken over the last four days. "I will die but will not leave my house. We will all die here."