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Suspicion of infidelity costs Sagar wife an ear, Mumbai vendor loses pricey onions to thieves

Patrika Staff | Updated on: 13 February 2017, 4:09 IST
Sordid affair: Man chops off wife's ear, fingers, toe on suspicion of infidelity

Suspicion, it is said, poisons a relationship. Shobha, 30, of Sagar Cantt in Madhya Pradesh, became the victim of its frightening consequences.

Her husband Kanhaiyalal Bansal chopped off her ear, all ten fingers as well as one toe after accusing her of having an affair with a neighbour.

Shobha is undergoing treatment in the district hospital, while Kanhaiyalal is absconding.

[twittable]When Shobha's husband cut off her ear, she fell unconscious. He then slashed her fingers and a toe[/twittable]

According to eyewitnesses, Shobha was at home with her two sons when Kanhaiyalal barged in and started beating her. When Shobha resisted, he chopped off her right ear.

She fell unconscious, but Kanhaiyalal did not relent. He cut off her fingers and slashed her toe.

"My father is an alcoholic. He often fights with my mother and accuses her of promiscuity. He frequently beat her," said Kanhaiyalal's 15-year-old son.

The Sagar police has launched a manhunt for Kanhaiyalal.

Tearjerker: Thieves steal onion worth Rs 50,000 from Mumbai shop

It's a sign of the distress of our hyper-inflationary times that onion has become a precious commodity. So precious, in fact, that it has caught the attention of thieves!

About 700 kg onion was stolen from Anant Naik's shop in Prateeksha Nagar in Mumbai's Wadala region late last month. The market price of the loot - Rs 50,000.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Dhananjay Kulkarni confirmed the theft. He said they have registered a case under IPC section 379 at Wadala TT police station.

[twittable]Thieves stole 700 kg onion from Anant Naik's shop in Wadala. The value of the loot - Rs 50,000[/twittable]

Onion is selling at Rs 57 a kilo in Maharashtra's Lasalgaon, Asia's biggest onion market. It's speculated the rates may rise further across the country. In Delhi, the vegetable's price has gone up to Rs 80 a kg.

The prices have been driven upward by a shortfall in domestic production as well as fears that the kharif output may suffer due to deficient rainfall.

This has prompted Union Food Processing Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal to advice people to use onion paste and powder instead.

In focus: Few eye donations, so Chhattisgarh's poor gets an eyewear bank

Donating eyes is a great service to humanity. If you can't do that, at least give away old eyewear.

Wonder where and to whom you can donate? The Chhattisgarh State Blindness Prevention Committee has set up a unique eyewear bank in Raipur's Ambedkar Hospital.

The banks will also be stared in two other hospitals in the city soon, and there is a long-term plan for such centres in other districts as well.

The banks will store donated spectacles and distribute them among the needy after correcting their power.

The committee says thousands of people in Chhattisgarh who need prescription glasses go without them because they can't afford them.

To spread awareness about the initiative as well as eye donation, the committee is observing a National Eye Donation Fortnight in educational institutes across the state from 25 August to 8 September.

First published: 3 September 2015, 9:24 IST