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Air India flight delayed for elderly passenger; the reason will win your heart!

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 3 April 2019, 13:24 IST

Air India crew has won the hearts of not only passengers but also the social media users even after delaying the flight.

We have seen several times that flights getting delayed is a common phenomenon and flight passengers put their trouble issue on the social media and sometimes people even abused for the facilities provided by airlines via social media for the inconvenience.

But this time, Air India flight brought a smile on many faces, especially the elderly passenger because of whom the flight got delayed.

On 31st March, the early morning Air India flight that was flying from Delhi to Bombay got delayed after an elderly woman had forgotten her passport bag at the airport. In consequence, the Air India crew run back to find her bag by making other passengers wait for a while.

This information came to light when a senior journalist named Vir Sanghvi took to Twitter and wrote about the incident on his official Twitter handle and praised the airline and its crew.

He tweeted, ‘On an air indian flight. Ready to take off but an elderly passenger just realised she forgot her passport bag at security. Annoying to wait but heartwarming to see the staff run back to look all over for it. They found it. An airline with a heart. Could have been your mom or mine’


The elderly woman left her passport bag at the security and the airlines’ crew helped in finding the bag of the woman and returned to her.

The way airline and its crew helped an elderly woman won the hearts of Twitterati and many of them also shared their experiences with the airline.

Check out the reactions of netizens:


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First published: 3 April 2019, 9:21 IST