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Independence Day 2016: Get azaadi from routine meals. Breakfast to dessert, tickle your palate!

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If there is one thing all Indians love with unparalleled enthusiasm, it is food.

When Julia Child declared that "people who love to eat are always the best people", she didn't know that she was literally describing the world's largest democracy. Alright, fine. We may not always get along with our neighbours, but the aroma of the neighbour's culinary skills never fails to get the taste-buds going. Amirite or amirite?

So this Independence Day, if you don't work in the media and happen to be enjoying an unexpectedly long break from work, try a recipe that your granny would not. How about a dish from Assam? Or something from Goa? Or perhaps you'll give Kerala's meen vevichathu your own spin a la Masterchef-style.

Too much work Googling recipes you say? Hey! From the first meal of the day to the last, we've got you covered.

So go ahead, get your apron on. You deserve azaadi from routine food today:


Something from the south, something from the west, and a bit of north.


Who in their right mind would decline a plate of fluffy white idlis that come with a side of piping hot sambar and coconut chutney? Nobody. Get the recipe here.


Another healthy option for those not interested in a south Indian breakfast (WHAT'SWRONGWITHYOUBRO?), is this bowl of delight. The humble poha is about as healthy and delicious as that combination gets. Get the recipe here.

Chole Kulche

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Chhole kulche is a very Delhi thing. The spicy chhole complemented with the buttered kulche is not exactly healthy, but hey! Take a break from calorie-counting, will you? Get the recipe here.


When food is your muse, these fantastic dishes need to be replicated.

Aloo Posto

You will probably never come across a Bengali who does not swear by the Aloo Posto-dal-bhaat combination. Who knew poppy seeds (yes-we-are-Bengali-we-eat-poppy-seeds-legally) and some potatoes cooked in the perfect spices could taste so sinfully satisfying! Get the recipe here.

Meen Vevichathu

The Kottayam style Red Fish Curry or

Meen Vevichathu

is one mean gravy dish to jazz up your plate. Coupled with a piping hot plate of rice, this spicy fish curry is bound to make your lunch-time dreams come true. Get the recipe here.

Chingri Malai Curry

Keeping the age-old Bangal-Ghoti debate aside, the savoury flavours of a perfectly cooked chingri malai-curry or prawns cooked in coconut milk, will most definitely help you hit lunch-time perfection. Get the recipe here.


What do you mean you're too full? Don't you want something to munch on as you sip your cuppa of tea/coffee as you enjoy unexpected fam time on a Monday?


There's nothing a steaming plate of momos cannot cure. Whether steamed, fried or pan fried, lap up some piping hot momos with some red-hot chutney to take care of your snack-time hunger pangs. Get the recipe here.


Originally from Gujarat, dhokla is a favourite go-to snack for every Indian. Coupled with the right amount of tangy red chutney and a liberal dose of chillis, the light and fluffy dhokla will sate your snack-time hunger, and how. Get the recipe here.

Vada Pav

A street-food staple, vada pav in all its simple yet spicy glory is the best quick-bite one could ask for. Originating in Maharashtra, this desi burger has travelled across the nation to become one of our favourite snacks of all time. Get the recipe here.


Think about it. Do you really, truly want to end Independence Day with your basic sabzi and roti? No, you do not. You can do better, Masterchef. We know you can.


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If you go to Tamil Nadu, and leave without eating poriyal, your visit is incomplete. Not always rated high on must-eat charts but the simple poriyal - made with cabbage and a generous helping of coconut - is soul food for those with functional taste-buds. Get the recipe here.


Sorpotel sounds a bit like a holiday cheer, and once you've sunk your teeth into it, it feel like that too. This fantastic spicy, tangy pork curry when accompanied by a plate of fluffy rice has been known to send people into fast-track nirvana. Get the recipe here.


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Jadoh is Meghalaya's Khasi tribe's version of biryani so to speak. A spicy rice preparation with pork, jadoh is served with fermented soya paste. And yes, it tastes as amazing as it sounds. Get the recipe here.


Did you seriously ask, 'why dessert'? Did something happen to damage you so?



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Yes, yes, yes. Everybody has tried kheer every once in a while. What's new about that you ask? Nothing. It's kheer or payasam and you should want to have it as often as you possibly can, no? Get 5 different recipes of payasamhere.


It's called narikolor laru in Assam, narkoler naaru in Bengal but the essence is the same: wholesome, homemade magic. A no-muss-no-fuss delicacy, you can store these delicate ladoos for quite a while. Get the recipe here.


A seven layered traditional Goan pudding, the origins of bebinca can be traced back to the Portuguese. While the elaborate procedure involved might make it a tad tedious to whip up, this unique dish is bound to leave your sweet tooth satisfied. Get the recipe here.


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