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OJ Simpson wants to cash in millions with first post-prison interview

News Agencies | Updated on: 1 October 2017, 11:33 IST

It seems like O.J. Simpson wants a huge pay cheque for his first interview upon his release from the prison on Monday.

According to some sources, the NFL star is expected to rake in millions for an exclusive post-prison interview, reports the New York Post.

The sources revealed that he is not going to talk for free, adding, "It has to be the big one because he's only going to do it one time and it has to be worth his while."

If the insiders are to be believed, then the 70-year-old will ask for USD 3.8 million to USD 6.4 million for the interview, and is also looking at other business ventures after his release that may include a reality TV show.

It should be noted that Simpson was charged for the murder of Ron Goldman and his former wife Nicole Brown.

Goldman was stabbed to death in 1994 along with Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole. The two were found dead outside Brown's home.

Simpson was questioned and later ordered to turn himself into police, but instead fled.

After a highly publicised trial and despite an overwhelming amount of DNA evidence, Simpson was found not-guilty.

This was due to Simpson not being able to fit his hand in one of the gloves found at the scene as well as another discovered at his home, and the defence arguing mistakes made by investigators could have contaminated the crime scene.


First published: 1 October 2017, 11:33 IST