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Bradley Cooper talks about sexual harassment allegations against producer Jon Peters

News Agencies | Updated on: 15 September 2018, 13:17 IST
Bradley Cooper

Actor Bradley Cooper, who is making his directorial debut with the musical drama, "A Star Is Born", has addressed the resurfaced allegations of sexual harassment against one-time producer Jon Peters.

A report by Jezebel had claimed that Peters, who produced the 1976 version of 'A Star Is Born' starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, has been sued for sexual harassment at least five times, with some of the suits settled out of court.

In an interview with NPR, Cooper, 43, said he would have taken a different approach to adapting the film had he known in advance about the accusations against Peters.

"If I had known all those things, I would have done it differently. And I guess it's ... I wanted to make the movie, I knew I had to get consent from him, otherwise there's no film. But I should have checked. I guess that's the thing," the actor said.

Cooper said he needed Peters' permission to remake the film but he was not aware of the allegations.

"With this property, there are many writers that come before if you see the end credits, it's like, there's 10 writers. And (Jon Peters) was part of the, I guess, the grandfather clause of the movie, and we had to get his consent in order to make the movie," he said.

Cooper said he worked towards creating "an environment where everybody feels safe" as he recognises the "huge responsibility" of directing a film.

"There's no room for disrespect, nothing. And that's something that you'd have to ask everybody who was involved, but I feel like that's the environment I created. Luckily, Jon wasn't there," the actor said.


First published: 15 September 2018, 13:17 IST