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World Health Day 2018: Choose organic food for healthier living

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 6 April 2018, 16:28 IST

Recently, organic food has gained importance worldwide and has become popular too. People as well as lot of researchers believe that organic food is healthier than the conventional food. In recent years, the demand for organic food has increased drastically. People have switched to organic food and they prefer buying everything organic.

More nutritious content

Several studies suggest that organic food is any day better than the conventional food as it has high amount of nutrients and minerals which includes vitamin C, iron, and zinc. Generally, processed foods is preserved artifically as it has long shelf life but organic food is fresh. These days people have started growing organic food at home to avoid adulterated food.

Organic food has no chemical additives

We can't deny that the traditional faming method uses lot of chemicals in the
form of pesticides, fertilisers, and preservatives. The use of chemical increases the productivity but its not good for heath and lacks nutrional value. The organic food has no artifical components and no preservatives which is helpful for everybody.

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Organic food has no artifical hormones

The traditional farmers use antibiotics for increasing the productivity, they also inject the antibiotics in their livestock which enters the human body indirectly through milk, meat and other diary products. These artificial hormones can cause hormonal imbalance in human's body and drug resistant bacteria too. While, organic farmers abstain from using harmful chemicals which are harmful for a human body.

Organic food rich in antioxidants

The products which are grown organically have higher levels of antioxidants than the contentional ones. This is because plants tend to acquire natural defences to diseases in the form of antioxidants, which do not adequately develop, following the use of pesticides.

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First published: 6 April 2018, 16:28 IST