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Top 4 supplements you should take for better nutrition

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 23 February 2019, 16:49 IST
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In today’s busy life, everyone wants to cope up with the speed of life, by not losing the important nutrients one need to keep oneself healthy.

Even the healthiest person need some supplements to be active and free from malnutrition or diseases. The pyramids in Egypt are standing strong since 4,000 years. This is so because of the strong foundation, it got from the Egyptians. Likewise, supplements act the same as the human body. These supplements help you support basic life processes, like cellular energy production, growth, repair, regeneration.

In this world of adulterated food, you will end up with deficient of nutrients. In this case, you should go for regular intake of supplements that make you healthy. Sometimes, busy lifestyles and simple choices end up with malnutrition, which no longer keeps your body fit for the thing you are going on which further leads to depression, anxiety, and lethargy. So, to avoid these situations, check out the supplies you should take in your diet to keep you away from diseases.   

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Here are the top 4 supplements you should take for better nutrition

Probiotic : A sound mind comes from a sound body. In this busy world, keeping your diet on time is a very much difficult task to achieve in day to day life, which drastically affects your guts. To keep your guts healthy, you should take probiotic in your diet to keep your motion regular and avoid constipation. A Human have over 400 probiotic bacteria which help you digest the food and fight against bad bacteria, so to keep growing in your guts, probiotic supplements help you.

Probiotics help you to prevent from the digestive tract, enhance your immune function and control your inflammatory bowel disease. A daily supplement of probiotics keeps you away from gas, diarrhea, cramping caused by medications and antibiotics. If you are a traveler, then, you should go for probiotics supplements, because traveling makes you eat untimely which leads you to have guts issues.

When you shop for probiotics supplements, then, remember that every brand has different dosages of intake, so, following the instructions is a must.

2. Multivitamins : This is the most foundational supplement one should take in a day to day life. As the food you take doesn’t have all the nutrients to keep you healthy. For vegetarians and especially for vegan people, multivitamins are purely vegan, so intake of this will never harm you. Multivitamins include Vitamins A to Mineral Zinc. There are many types of multivitamins, one is bare - bones multivitamins and other one is robust multivitamins. The former multivitamins provide the minimal doses of essential nutrients and the latter multivitamins provides the full spectrum of essential nutrients.

Bare-Bones Multivitamins is the most essential and basic nutrients should be there in your diet and is known as the “ideal daily intake”.

If your menu lacks in Zinc, magnesium nutrients then, these multivitamins will help you to fill nutritional gaps.

As different brands have different doses, but generally, the multivitamins are best to be taken with fatty foods or fish oil tablets.

3. Omega 3 : This is also one of the best basic building nutrients which are also known as “essential fatty acids”. Some of the nutrients are there which our body cannot make, so these nutrients have to be taken in the diet. It is advised by the dietician to take 300 - 500 mg per day. If you have the cardiovascular disease then, the amount is reduced to 1gm. The best sources of Omega 3 are walnuts, dark leafy greens, and many more are naturally available which you should include in your diet unless you are not allergic. Omega 3 will help you to keep your heart, brain health, and is beneficial for your immune as well as inflammatory response. It will also help you to fight against depression, improve sleep and boost libido.

4. Protein : The last but not the least important nutrient you must include, especially who is a gym freak. Whether you are vegan or nonvegan, you can have this as there are vegan protein supplements available in the market. You can get a natural source of protein like from dairy, green vegetables, nuts, seeds, cereals, soya chunks. In Market, Green Protein Powders are available which claims to contain organic coconut oil, organic blueberries, flax, chia fiber, and Whey protein, which help you to control weight. These protein supplements will preserve the vitality, longevity of life.

Whey Protein generally doesn’t cause any stomach upset or bloating. It is advised to take 20-30 grams between meals to repair & grow your muscles. The protein contains a branched chain of amino acids which decreases the exercise-induced muscle damage and enables to improve your muscles core strength.     

So, This was the top 4 supplements you need to get better nutrients, these supplements encourage you to remain fit. These Supplements are not mainstream nutrients, you have to take diet according to the nutrient you are focussing on. As you should take all these mentioned nutrients in your daily diet, but if you are allergic to any of the nutrients then, you can focus on some of the nutrients to keep yourself healthy. Don’t just rely on these products, try to eat more natural & healthy food. Also, if you still taking these supplements then, you should take the good quality products. Even the healthiest one misses out these nutrients, despite having the healthiest food. Taking these supplies doesn't mean you have done your job, it should be taken in proper doses, and that will be effective if it takes with a particular type of food. 



First published: 23 February 2019, 16:49 IST