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Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 4 'The Spoils of War' review

Durga M Sengupta | Updated on: 7 August 2017, 14:14 IST
Daddy watches over his little girls

So far, one of the shortest episodes of Game of Thrones, 'The Spoils of War' has a run time of just 50 minutes. And what a shame that is.

The fast moving episode sees more reunions, with Sansa becoming a bit of an expert at greeting her siblings. Lady Stark, as she is to be called now, finds Arya in the crypts of Winterfell in a bittersweet reunion, where both of them acknowledge how long and hard the journey has been.

Arya and Sansa, once squabbling siblings, have grown to respect each other. The time that has lapsed in between has heightened their ability to talk as equals, peers, and, quite possibly, allies in the future. Hopefully, this means a permanent goodbye to Littlefinger.

Besides, what more could foreshadow Littlefinger's permanent goodbye than one of the episode's finest scenes -- Arya and Brienne swordfighting. The slimy uncle-lover finally broke a sweat watching Arya in action.

Where there are reunions, though, there are also goodbyes. Meera Reed, having served Bran as an uncomplaining servant, chooses to return home to be with her family. Her realisation is also a signal to the viewers that Bran Stark no longer exists, and we must all stop expecting him to behave like a Stark.

By now, it's almost troubling to see all the Starks together in the North again. Never has the family had such prolonged happiness. With White Walkers less than a night's journey away, one wouldn't be surprised if Jon returned to find a family of wights at Winterfell.

Speaking of Jon, it's great that he's finally sort of convinced Dany that White Walkers are as real as dragons. Not sure why she, of all people, should have a problem believing supposedly mythical species exist. But of course, the duo is still playing bend the knee-bend the knee, making that phrase increasingly sexual and decreasingly symbolic.

Unlike previous episodes in the season, The Spoils of War focuses on the few characters necessary to moving the story forward. This is a treat for viewers because Bronn is back in action, complaining about the promised castle he never got.

We're kind of rooting for Bronn to give it back to Euron the next time he verbally attacks Jaime. Jaime, who has been super intelligent of late, finally has a bit of a blond moment true to his hair and character.

In true GRRM style, life comes full circle as Jaime's little brother Tyrion watches him running towards death. Tyrion, who was saved from death by Jaime, keeps shouting “You fucking idiot” with the same amount of affection and frustration a thoroughly invested football fan displays in front of the TV.

It is almost wrong to not have Jaime die in this episode, but it seems like GRRM is trying something new. So far, there has been no shocking death in the season. Lady Olenna died with so much sass last episode, it was almost poetry.

With regard to Jaime though, Bronn seems to have saved the day. Or has he? The suspense towards the end of this episode was so nail-bitingly edge-of-the-seat, it made for some fantastic television.

Besides, we still don't know if Jaime and Bronn, with their heavy armour, and a fire-breathing dragon waiting to kill them, will indeed make it out alive. Will Tyrion have to watch his dear brother die? We'll have to wait another week to find out, unless, of course, there's yet another leak.

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