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'NEET' Ready, Are You?

Swapna Mohanty | Updated on: 23 January 2018, 17:09 IST

First thing first

Syllabus and a wide range of study material have no limit, one has to differentiate between on that is important and others that is of lesser importance. 

Students have a tendency to read as much as they can. They should try to cut down unwanted information and stick to important topics. 

NEET syllabus includes boards exam syllabus. Students should firstly tick the syllabus that they have covered in the board exam so that you do not waste time reading it first. Rather, complete the unfinished syllabus and then revise the common board exam syllabus.

Study Material that would be apt

This is the most complicated task because there are numerous study materials available in the market that can confuse and leave a person perplexed.
Before buying the study material students should try to find out which material has been the most useful over the years. Following the past toppers choice, the choice of study material should be done.

If you want to know how to fish out the information about the toppers choice of study material then read some of their interviews, where they would have definitely mentioned which writer and book to follow.

Time Management

One can spend hours studying but it isn't necessary that they would be successful and crack the exam by doing so. Managing time and effortlessly distributing it would make things easy and help achieve the goal.

In most cases, it is seen that parents and student argue that long hours of focused study would help but they do not understand that it isn't the hours that matter but the division of time intelligently matters. Focusing on weaker areas of study would help in strengthening your overall preparation.

Combination of technology and practice

In the era of digitization, technology and practice must go hand in hand. As per the NEET exam pattern, one has to complete 180 questions in the stipulated time period of 3 hours so it requires a lot of practice and time management skill.

Involving technology in this practice would help you even more. Be it any medium (social media, blogs, videos or mobile apps) learning would be more easy and interesting.

Health is wealth

Being healthy is above all and one should try to be fit. Besides, planning your study chart one should also plan their diet chart. 

Avoiding overeating and junkies and resorting to healthy eating would keep you active and help you learn your lesson better. Yoga and meditation would boost your energy and keep you focused.

Power naps for 15 minute after a continuous study of 4-5 hours would rejuvenate your concentration and help you focus better.

First published: 23 January 2018, 17:09 IST