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Pokemon Go is here. And suddenly, everyone's a child again

Catch Team | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:48 IST

If you're a millennial, chances are that you've at some point been a part of the Pokemon craze. Whether it was the trading cards, the cartoons, the string of movies or the hugely successful games, Pokefever has at some point afflicted us all.

And it's back now, in a crazy new format that has, almost overnight, taken over the internet and turned even the most rational among us into children again.

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Yes, we're talking about Pokemon Go, the game that allows you to use your smartphone camera and augmented reality to find and capture Pokemon in the world around you.

It's something most millennials have secretly hoped for ever since they first encountered the series and while those dreams might have died on our journey to adulthood, Pokemon Go seems to have resurrected them from the dead.

The game has so far been a huge success for creator Nintendo, sending their share price up 10. But the real success is with users flocking to Pokemon Go on the app store, making it the number one free app in the US overnight.

And the only thing the game seems to do better than getting people hooked and draining phone batteries, is provide tons of fodder for social media humour.

Here are some of our favourites that had us dying with laughter. You just know this is going to be comedy gold when it finally releases in India.

1) There's no wrong time to catch a Pidgey. Not even when your wife's in labour.

Photo: Imgur

2) Pokemon Go not available in your country yet? Make your own!

3) If your neighbours thought you were strange before, they ain't seen nothing yet.

4) But forget your neighbours' yard, there's nowhere a real trainer wont go for a Mewtwo!

5) Still, you better look both ways before you do battle with a wild Jigglypuff:

6) And make sure you read the instructions before you play:

7) Someone's always gotta go and bring politics into everything:

8) It's not a party until you Pokemon Go:

9) Nothing quite like Pokemon Go to get you eggcited for breakfast:

10) There's always waterworks at a funeral:

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