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In pictures: Juandres Vera makes art come to life

Have you ever seen a painter standing next to his painting of himself where he\'s painting himself fill colour into his painting?

Juandres Vera\'s art is the reason for a question as complicated as that one.

Hyper-real and magical, all at once, Vera adds layers to walls, floors, streets, you name it, with a paint-brush and his undeniable talent.

Juandres Vera (Instagram / Juandres Vera)

He lets a friendly giraffe peek out of a wall to the amusement of passers by. He plans an escape route for a hardworking miner tortoise and lets him out through a pavement. He paints fish-tanks with large sea creatures where there can be none. And he lets a crocodile roam the streets for no apparent reason.

Vera's paintings of cities and buildings viewed aerially and painted on floors are so believable, you'd be scared to step on them, lest you fall.

Here's some photographic evidence of his genius. You're welcome.

For more of Vera's work, check out his Instagram