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This prominent college will have common toilets for male and female students

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 27 January 2018, 16:37 IST
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In a college to deal with gender discrimination, now a common toilets will be made instead of separate for men and women. Students have approved for this. This is the case of the Oxford University located in England. The students of Oxford College here have given green signal to the establishment of gender neutral toilets (such as toilets in which every gender person can go- Gender Neutral).

Women and men students will use the same toilet in a college in the prestigious Oxford University of England. The decision was taken on the basis of voting in Somerville College, in which 80 percent voted in favor of this. 4 thousand students and students read here.

Although, many students have expressed happiness over this decision, but some women have expressed concern that this could increase the incidence of sexual violence. In the last semester, the students rejected such a proposal. After this decision, the mail or female signs will be removed from all the restrooms. Instead, gender neutral toilets will be written.

The special thing about these restrooms is that they can be used by LGBT community easily. An officer of the college's LGBT case had proposed this decision. He said that this is not just about deleting the board, but rather the separation of space on the basis of gender basis is to be united.

First published: 27 January 2018, 16:37 IST