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Shoaib Akhtar amid ongoing coronavirus pandemic, says 'Time to be human, not Hindu, Muslim

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 23 March 2020, 12:40 IST
Shoaib Akhtar

In the midst of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak which has exerted influence on the entire world, former Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar has suggested people to help one another rising above religion and economic status.

In a video shared on his YouTube channel, the 44-year-old also urged to work as a ‘global force’ and comply with the guidelines issued by the officials. "Request all my fans all across the globe. Coronavirus is a global crisis and we have to think as a global force, rise above religion. Lockdown is happening so that the virus does not spread. If you are doing interaction and meeting in places, it will not help," Akhtar.

"If you are hoarding things, please think about the daily wage workers. Stores are empty. What is the guarantee that you will live after three months? Think about the daily wage worker, how will he feed his family? Think about people, time to be a human, not Hindu, Muslim. People will have to help each other, collect funds. Stop hoarding.

"Rich will still survive; how will the poor survive? Have faith. We are living like animals, live like humans. Try to be helpful, please stop storing stuff. It is the time we look after each other. No time to be divided, we have to live as humans," he added.

Previously, Shoaib Akhtar had lambasted those accountable for making the Covid-19 infect humans and attributed to China alone for the pandemic.

"I don't understand why you have to eat things like bats, drink their blood and urine and spread some virus across the globe...I'm talking about the Chinese people. They have put the world at stake. I really don't understand how you can eat bats, dogs, and cats. I'm really angry," Akhtar had said in an earlier video posted on his Youtube channel.

"The whole world is at risk now. The tourism industry has been hit, the economy is badly affected and the whole world is going towards a lockdown.

"I'm not against the people of China but I'm against the law of animals. I understand this may be your culture but this is not benefitting you now, it is killing humanity. I'm not saying you boycott the Chinese but there has to be some law. You cannot go on and eat anything and everything," he added.

Coronavirus has thus far spread to more than 100 countries, infecting over 3,00,000 people and claiming over 13,000 lives.

On the other hand, Pakistan has reported around 800 confirmed Covid-19 cases while five people have died.

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First published: 23 March 2020, 12:39 IST