Pakistan lawmaker slams cricketers for doing push-ups after Lord's Test

News Agencies | First published: 27 October 2016, 16:44 IST
Pakistan Cricket Team
Photo: Twitter/@ICC

A ruling party lawmaker criticised Pakistani cricketers for promoting a negative image of the country by doing push-ups instead of prayers after a match win, drawing a sharp reaction from the cricket board which said it's up to the discretion of players.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Senator Rana Afzal Khan raised the issue during meeting of Senate Standing Committee on Sports.

The Express Tribune reported that Khan said the players should perform "nafl prayers or do sajdas" rather than push-ups.

He said cricket is "a gentleman's game" and the act of doing push-ups does not reflect the calibre of the sport. "Push-up celebration promotes a negative image of Pakistan and needs to be revisited," Khan said.

Pakistan Cricket Board Executive Committee Chairman Najam Sethi rejected reports that push-up celebration have been banned.

"Oh for God's sake, there is no ban on push-ups! In fact I think players should do 100 push-ups when they score a century!" Sehti said in a tweet.

"PCB highly appreciates fitness training facilities of Pakistan army."