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Greg Chappell once asked his brother to bowl underarm in ODI cricket for this shocking reason

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 2 February 2019, 12:36 IST
Greg Chappell

Former Australian captain and one of the greats to ever play the game, Greg Chappell once instructed his brother Trevor Chappell to bowl an underarm delivery as New Zealand needed seven runs off the final delivery.

The incident took place on February 1, 1981, it was the second ODI match of the series between Australia and New Zealand. Australia made 235 runs in the first innings and New Zealand were 229 off 8 with only one ball remaining. The Kiwis needed 6 runs to tie the match and 7 runs to win. Trevor Chappell was bowling in the last over and had just rattled the stumps of hard hitting Ian Smith.

As Trevor Chappell turned from his bowling mark, he saw his elder brother and captain walking towards him.

“How’s your underarm bowling?” Greg asked.

When Trevor responded that he had no idea, Greg remarked, “Well, you’re about to find out.”

Trevor Chappell later recalled that he did not think of refusing: “It would probably have started a family argument in the middle of MCG.”

Australian wicket-keeper Marsh was asked to go back, and becoming aware of the plans, he shouted, “Don’t do it.” A helpless Trevor shrugged and pointed at his captain.

On air, eldest of the Chappell brothers, Ian, shouted in disbelief, “No, Greg, no. You can’t do that!”

But, it was being done. There was no law to stop it. Trevor Chappell ran four steps, made sure that he was behind the crease, and rolled the ball towards McKechnie’s leg stump. The bemused batsman patted it and tossed away his willow in frustration.

Australia went on to win the match by 6 runs, with Graeme Wood hitting 72 runs and Greg Chappell scored 90. For New Zealand John Wright scored 42 runs and Bruce Edgar was unbeaten at 102.


First published: 2 February 2019, 12:36 IST