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Women like Anaarkali of Aarah are taken for granted: Avinash Das

News Agencies | Updated on: 11 March 2017, 9:08 IST

Debutant filmmaker Avinash Das says women like the protagonist of his upcoming film 'Anaarkali of Aarah' are constantly judged owing to their profession in small cities.

The 41-year-old director says female singers, known for their double-meaning songs, continue to lead difficult lives.

'Women engaged in this job are often taken for granted.

They are considered of dubious character. Sometimes, these women are also used to such behaviour when they are teased around. They often take it in their stride and shake it off as an occupational hazard,' says Avinash.

The director says when such women face adversities, they receive little support from the society.

'Unlike Delhi, no one will hold protests for them or sit on a dharna. They will have to handle the situation on their own because they fall under the lowest strata of the society.

Nobody fights for Anaarkali, she has to fight for herself.'

Avinash says Swara has done a great job with the character by bringing her resilience and outspoken nature to the performance.

'Sonam came along with Swara for the preview of the movie.

When the closing credits started rolling, we heard sobs. Turns out it was Sonam... She loved the film and Swara's job in it.'


First published: 11 March 2017, 9:08 IST