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These 5 tweets prove singer Abhijeet is a pure, unadulterated creep

Aditya Menon | Updated on: 11 February 2017, 5:47 IST

Filth spoken in a good voice is still filth. No one exemplifies this more than Bollywood singer Abhijeet.

There's no point recalling the good songs he sang because you won't be able to enjoy them ever again if you know how much venom the man has inside him.

Consider some of his recent tweets in the aftermath of the Uri attack. Calling for a ban on Pakistani artists would actually be among his more moderate positions. He openly advocates violence against the "Khans, Bhatts and Johars" and accuses them of being "traitors". It is clear that the man is communal, homophobic, misogynistic and completely frustrated in life.

What's more, it turns out that Abhijeet is also a fan of Mahatma Gandhi's assassin Nathuram Godse.

And if there's still a doubt over his political affiliations, here he is wishing RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat a happy birthday and calling for the establishment of a Hindu Rashtra.

Forget Pakistani artists, this rabble-rousing lout is the real threat. He shouldn't just be boycotted. A case should be filed against him for inciting violence against individuals as well as for hailing the assassin of the father of the nation.

Speaking of criminal cases, he's also accused of molesting a woman at a Puja Pandal and was arrested for abusing journalist Swati Chaturvedi on Twitter.

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First published: 24 September 2016, 4:25 IST
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