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Singh Is Bliing and other Bollywood films with absurd titles due to 'astrological reasons'

Himesh Mankad | Updated on: 13 February 2017, 3:34 IST

Bollywood is a film industry wherein filmmakers often highlight how foolish it is to follow what astrologers say in their films, but the same people are often found following such trends in reality.

Films like Lage Raho Munnabhai have bravely tackled how astrologers manipulate facts to make you spend on redundant things. However, it seems people from the industry do not take the message seriously.

Akshay Kumar's Singh Is Bliing was initially (read: logically) titled Singh Is Bling, but the director changed the name of the film by adding an extra 'I' to the title citing same old astrological reasons. Pray, how do we pronounce this -- Singh Is Blee-aing?

Here's a list of those who tried the jyotshi formula before:

Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara

The Milan Luthuria directorial which was a sequel to Once Upon A Time In Mumbai underwent many changes in the title of the film. Initial title, Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Again was later on changed to Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobara and finally to Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara. Single 'a' or double, the movie did not thrill audiences dobaara.


Rakesh Roshan has an obsession with naming the film starting with the letter 'K'. Take any of his directorials, ranging from Khudgarz (1987) to Krrish 3 (2013), they all start with 'K'. However with the Krrish franchise, the director went one step ahead by naming 'Krish' as 'Krrish' and one wonders if it's to roll 'r's with a firang accent?


Back when Karzzzz released, we didn't know how to ask the ticket vendor for a ticket? (Not that we did, eventually) The extra 'zzzz's possibly explain why the film was such a snooze fest.

C Kkompany

The title speaks for itself. It went from 'Company' to 'Kompany' and they couldn't quite let got of the 'C', but to counter it, added an extra 'k'. Just to be safe. Yeah.

Kucch Toh Hai

Hai toh. Random extra 'c' hai.

A producer can go to any extent to save a film from being a flop. A perfect example for this would be the film titled Kucch Toh Hai. While most of us spell 'kucch' as 'kuch' or even 'kuchh', the makers thought that an additional 'c' will change the fortune of not just the film but also the cast of the film -- Esha Deol and Tushar Kapoor. We don't question the intent of the makers, but we salute the belief of the filmmaker that an extra 'c' could change the fate of a badly written film.

Special case -- Karan Johar

Initially, Karan Johar too had the fascination with the letter 'K' which he considered lucky. Ever since his debut in 1998 till 2006, he named all his films starting with the letter 'K', however he realized in 2010 with My Name Is Khan, that the title does not decide the fate of the film, rather the content speaks for itself.

First published: 7 August 2015, 9:22 IST
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