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#Interview: - The film industry is lazy: Kay Kay Menon

Ami Sheth | Updated on: 11 February 2017, 5:39 IST

One of the few actors, Kay Kay Menon has always believed in content driven films. Making his presence felt in films like Corporate, Life in a Metro and Haider the actor once again come with a submarine war film The Ghazi Attack playing one of the naval officers.

Do you think now due to Bollywood the stories about the freedom fighters will start coming out in limelight?

I don't think if that was the intension (for Ghazi) but it might be right. In the process of making an interesting film if the information given to the audience is to what exactly happened, then it is fine. But, I don't think it's the agenda.

You are one of those actors who have always tried to take realistic roles, what made you say yes to this film?

One is of course as it was a first submarine film in Indian film industry and that's a very unique thing to make. Secondly when I read the screenplay and met the director and the producers I realised their intension was pretty pure. As long as suddenly a submarine doesn't turn into a song and dance sequence, I am fine. It is very believable and a kind of cinema which was intended to do what it meant to do. So, i decided to jump on the board and do it.

Films like this of a particular genre that has a backing of a production like Dharma which is meant to do not just light-hearted but more commercial films, how much does that help to these kind of films?

It helps a lot. Dharma came after seeing this film. I really hope that more and more production houses come and take up these kinds of films so that it helps the film, as they have a lot of clout. They have the power of money.

India has been in many wars and despite of that there are very few films made on war...

I don't know, what's the reason behind it but, I guess it's not easy to make a war film. If you intend to make a genuine war film it's a hard-working project, you can't just get away with a patriotic song. Most of our industry (people) are lazy they don't want to do that kind of hard-work. Only few people like Aamir Khan do a lot of hard work and a producer and a film like Dangal -- is a hats off to him also Raju Hirani, these are few people in main stream cinema whom you can salute. Rest are very lazy. They show their bodies and then also correct them (when the film is) in post production. They sell it out basically.

Ghazi is releasing along with another 4 films...Do you think it will make a profitable business for Ghazi?

I feel everybody should have their own chance. I seriously believe we should have more theatres. Probably 10 times as currently the population is too large otherwise you will have problems of space.

Do you think for small films people would pay high rates for the tickets?

I really can't do anything about that. If the audience is willing to spend 1000 on few films i can't really do anything. The idea is that if you have more theatres it's possible that you can reserve at least a few theatres for good cinema and keep the rest for proposal making cinema. But, it is essential that including the Government we should take notice of the fact that you don't make this move or else cinema will die in this country because the young generation doesn't know damn about cinema. Cinema education is zero in our country. We will do our work and get out but, what will happen after 20-30 years down?

There are so many films that have lost their phase because of multiplexes...

The idea is to have supply more than the demand. If you have that kind of a principle then everything will work but, if your demand is more and supply is less then obviously it' not going to work. Then the big-shots are going to take up all the theatres. You got to make provisions for these kinds of films.

You have shot scenes underwater for Ghazi, but, what is your take on scenes that are not needed in a film but, they exist?

We as actors are used to do these kinds of things but, we do it for a reason. We do it because screenplay demands and not for marketing purpose. Chiffon sarees and all people say it's a great thing. No. Why? There's no reason to do that, stop doing if not required. But, people do it. We have shot the scenes in -10 degrees in a T-shirt as it was the part of the film but, it wasn't done for marketing of the film.

How important do you think promotions have become?

An actor should promote the film but an actor needn't promote himself. I do the PR for my films but, not for myself. I am zero in terms of narcissism; I can hardly look into the mirror for 2 minutes and not beyond that. Movie promotions I guess it is important now-a-days but, sometimes it over-rights the movie. When there is no movie at all there's a lot of promotion but no cinema. That is something done without substance. If there's no content in the film putting money into the promotions is a waste.

First published: 9 February 2017, 3:15 IST