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#Interview: I don't wait for people to say things about my work.

Ami Sheth | Updated on: 30 March 2017, 14:44 IST
Pia Bajpai (still from 'Laal Rang')

After working in south films, actress Pia Bajpai talks about her upcoming Bollywood film Mirza Juliet opposite Darshan Kumar.

You play a bold character in Mirza Juliet, were you apprehensive while using abusive words or doing bold scenes in the film?
No because my character doesn't know these are abusive words. There are lots of girls who abuse regularly. My brothers use these kind of words regularly so it is not something that I haven't been exposed to. Personally I don't abuse or use harsh language, but since my character required me to do it, I did.

Is it difficult to work in Bollywood after working in South?
No, why would it be? I am from Uttar Pradesh and I stay in Mumbai and I always wanted to do Hindi films. It just happened that I got one south film which went on to become a super hit. I continued doing south films but, I never left this city and Hindi is my mother tongue, so it's easier to do Bollywood films.

What do you expect from this film and does it make you feel anxious?
I give my best and move on. I did not expect anything from my first film, Laal Rang and I am not expecting anything from this as well. My job is to act which I have done that, Results are not in my hand. But I am pretty sure that it's a good film, and people will like it. You can't make everyone happy. Some will like and some will not but I never care about it. I don't wait for people to say things about my work.

Lastly, how was it working with your co-star, Darshan Kumar?
He is a wonderful human being and an actor; who has already proved himself in Mary Kom, NH 10 and Sarabjit. As he comes from Naseer sir's (Naseeruddin Shah) school; just by observing him you can learn so many things. When you get a co-actor like him your work also comes out in a better way. If I get more films with him I’ll be happy about it.

First published: 30 March 2017, 13:57 IST