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Flashback: Here is what Saif Ali Khan thinks about casual sex after marriage

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 12 January 2018, 14:00 IST

Sex is one of the least discussed and sensitive topic in our country. Mostly people refrain from talking about such a topic because they think talking about such a topic like sex would bring shame to them. But there are others who openly talk about their choices and experiences and what they feel about it and think there is nothing shameful to talk about it. One such name is that of Bollywood's Nawab, Saif Ali Khan.

In a report published in an Entertainment website, Bollywoodlife.com, the actor in the era of the 90s, gave an interview to a leading magazine in which he openly spoke about sex, blue films and casual sex.

When he was asked about the act and its relevance the actor said, "Sex has its relevance, but it isn't anything novel. It's been so since Eve tempted Adam. Sex has been one of the first forms of communications between a man and a woman. My physical need is as important as my emotional need. I can't separate them although there have been times when my emotions have been least involved when I've been with a woman."

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He opposed the idea of casual sex post marriage and said that he has always treated her woman with respect and would do nothing that will hurt her since he is a married man. He further said that he is completely aware of the idea of casual sex since he has grown up in abroad and lived on his own. He felt that an Indian male is frustrated since he is not exposed to the idea of sex as compared to a person who lives in abroad.

Talking about the same he said, "The woman has always known the equation. I've never said, 'I Love You' to a woman just to get her into my bed. I have ever had to read sex manuals to learn the techniques. My technique is my own. I have always treated my woman with respect. Today, I wouldn't respond to a woman who came on to me. I'm a married man. I wouldn't do anything to hurt my wife. I'd smile and say 'sorry ma'am, wrong number.' I've grown up abroad and lived on my own. I've seen blue films and live shows. The average Indian male is not as exposed to sex as the average guy abroad. That's why the Indian male is frustrated."

Well, from his talks and gestures, it is surely clear that the actor is a true gentleman. Talking about his work his film 'Kaalakandi' has been released today and everyone is excited to know how the film will work on the box-office.

First published: 12 January 2018, 13:47 IST