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Delhi: Bobby Darling files FIR against husband for domestic violence and unnatural sex

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 4 September 2017, 10:44 IST
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Pakhi Sharma aka Bobby Darling, who underwent sex-change surgery in November 2015 in Bangkok, has filed a case of domestic violence against her husband Ramnik Sharma.

It was in February 2016, when the couple got married and settled down.

According to a report in a leading daily, Bobby fled from Bhopal and came back to Delhi, where she has filed an FIR with the Delhi Police against her husband. Apart from domestic violence, she has also accused her husband of unnatural sex.

"Ramnik would beat me up after getting drunk and accuse me of having extramarital affairs with every second man. He also usurped my property and money. He also bought a SUV using my money immediately after the marriage. Now, I am left with nothing.. I suggested that we get divorced with mutual consent, but on the condition that I would get my property and the car back. However, he didn't agree to it. He would, in fact, beat me to because will was in his name. I want my property back so that I can sell it off and move back to Mumbai," Times of India quoted Bobby as saying.

"I have faced a lot of domestic violence. I still can't move my left hand freely and limp while walking. My speech is also slurred. I would cry like a child and pee in my clothes while pleading with him to stop hitting me," she added.

While Bobby talks about her ordeals, her husband came up with a different tale entirely. He has also filed an FIR against his wife. Ramnik has claimed that Bobby is lying about the domestic violence and that she ran away with his property papers, money and gold.

"She was after my money. I have never hit her. In fact, I went against my entire family to marry her. She lied to me that she'll be able to conceive, but after learning that she won't be able to, I requested her to either try IVF or adopt a baby. But she didn't want to take the responsibility of raising a child. Also, she landed in the hospital because of the side-effect of her medicines, which she would pop to enhance her body. Her blood pressure would always be high and she suffered a paralytic attack because of it. She is not a bechari to take domestic abuse lying low," he said, according to TOI.

First published: 4 September 2017, 10:44 IST