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Terrifying! Dog trapped with leopard inside toilet for 7 hours; know what happened next

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 4 February 2021, 14:47 IST

A horrifying video has surfaced on the Internet which showed a stray dog stuck inside a toilet with a leopard for over seven hours.

The incident took place in Karnataka’s Bilinele village on Wednesday. Reportedly, the two animals locked inside the toilet after the leopard chased the dog and both entered the toilet.
Residents were alerted after a man saw a noticed it and locked the leopard as well as the dog inside the toilet and alerted the police and forest officials.

One of the residents saw the tail of the leopard and got panicked. However, he locked the toilet’s door from outside.

Meanwhile, the photo and video of the trapped animals have gone viral on social media.


In the picture & video, the dog can be seen sitting in one corner while the leopard in the other corner.

After the news spread across the village and people started to gather around the house.

The picture and video were taken through a gap in the toilet’s window from outside.


Rescue operation:

Forest officials tried their best to rescue the two animals from the toilet with all safety and precautions.

In a bid to rescue the dog and the leopard, forest officers had brought in tranquilizer to sedate the animal and move it back to the forest.

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However, the leopard broke the roof and managed to escape from the spot.

A Twitter user named Prajwal shared the photo and video on the micro-blogging site.


According to The News Minute reports, the dog was fine and safely rescued from inside the toilet.

The News Minute shared a video of the leopard as well.

The dog was absolutely fine and was rescued from inside the toilet safely, The News Minute reports.

Locals gathered at the spot to witness the incident.

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First published: 4 February 2021, 14:34 IST