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Lady romanced with 'eighty' married men and the reason is to have great sex-life

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 4 March 2018, 12:34 IST

Everyone enjoy their sex-life and are very concerned about their relationship to keep sexual lives wild and romantic. But will anyone think of crossing all limits for sexual desire? However, this, 43 years old woman did this out fully.

The lady name, Louise Van Der Velde has been in a relationship with over 80 married men just for the sack of sex and enjoying it differently. Louise is a doctor's widow and has 2 kids and still indulged in such affairs because didn't don't want to compromise with her sexual life after her husband 's death. Her husband died at the age of 34 in March in 2004.

Louise wants to enjoy sex life fully and that why she had an affair with not with 1 or 2 guys but 80 married men. Louise is a sex therapist by profession and realizes the importance of healthy sexual relationships in life.

She met her most of men through a dating site and make sure her kids should not get affected by her affairs. She even revealed that many of her lover's wives knew about their husband affair but still ignore it.

“All this ’till death do us part’ nonsense assumes monogamy works for everyone. This is not realistic and not in line with human nature. In order for love and passion to re-enter a marriage, there are other ways. This is why living my sex life to the max and educating people about the future of love is my life’s work,” Louise said.

Louise says that rather than judging, people should indulge in great sex. She says, “You sure as heck can tell the ones who need it most – the ones who are unhappy. Life’s too short to stick to sex with only one partner.”

However, her way of fulfilling her sexual desire quite shocking. Do you agree with her?

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First published: 4 March 2018, 12:34 IST