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Kudos to Kerala woman who forced bus driver to take right lane; see viral video

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 26 September 2019, 23:41 IST

After the implementation of the Motor Vehicles Act in India from September 1, 2019, people have started following the traffic rules due to the fear of hefty fines. But, several people are not only following the rules but also ask others to follow the proper rules.

A video widely shared on the micro-blogging site, in which a woman riding on scooty can be seen forcing a bus driver to follow the rule.

Yes, a woman rider halted after a bus driver driving a bus on the wrong lane. In a move to stop the driver driving on the wrong side, she stopped her scooty on the right side of the road and forced the driver to take the right lane.

In the viral video, the woman on her scooty didn’t allow the driver to move forward and then, he took the right lane.

Badass to her!

The video was shared by a Twitter user along with a caption, “When you are RIGHT it gives you a very different kind of MIGHT. See Joe a lady rider down South doesn't budge an inch to give in to an erring Bus Driver. Kudos to her.”

Check out a video that has left everyone stunned on Twitter:


The woman, who is on her scooty; which looks extremely tiny in front of the bus, does not budge from her position on the road. The bus, which looks intimidating, then moves to her right.


On the other hand, many users were making fun of North Indians, saying in UP, the driver would have got down and thrashed the woman.



We must say we all should be responsible citizen like who not only follows the rules but also makes other to follow....

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First published: 26 September 2019, 23:15 IST