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WWE diva Nikki Bella confronts it was her who dumped John Cena

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 27 May 2018, 17:33 IST

The WWE diva Nikki Bella revealed that it was her who dumped John Cena. They announced their breakup on April 15 and were planning to tie knot in Mexico on May 5.

Cena and Nikki were together for six long years when they decided to call off the relationship. There were rumours that it was Cena who decided about the breakup, but in her latest interview Nikki insisted it was her who called off the relationship.

The two-time WWE Diva claimed that she got “cold feet”  and said she is “at a period of my life that I really need to work on me”.

Their breakup was revealed in the latest season of their reality show Total Bellas. In an interview with Life & Style, Nikki told that she has left the door open, and they can get back together. 

She said the wedding didn’t “feel right” and said she feared she might have “hesitation and regret”.

She also denied Cena’s reluctance to have kids played a part in the break-up.

They got engaged in 2012 in front of 70,000 wrestling fans at WrestleMania 34.

Nikki has kept her wedding dress safe and hopes one-day to wear it – saying “honestly, I think that John and I will probably end up together”.

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She said: “If it doesn’t feel right, if there is any type of hesitation, you have to figure it out and not be afraid.”

The star added: “I just didn’t want to walk down that aisle and give those vows and have hesitation or have regret.

“The day I give those vows, I truly want to be with that person until death do us part, and I have that hope for John and I. I really do.

“But right now I just have to deal with the issues that gave me cold feet.”

There are rumours that the entire break-up might have been a publicity stunt for the WWE and Total Bellas.

Nikki said: "I'm just in a period of my life that I really need to work on me.

“A healthy me is a healthy us.”

Currently, Cena and Nikki now appear part-time with the WWE, with the 16-time world champion focusing on his career in Hollywood.

First published: 27 May 2018, 17:33 IST