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Spotted cat photos at a London train station? Here's how it happened

Do you know what is the most searched thing on Google or YouTube is? Well, apart from Justin Bieber, it\'s the internet\'s favourite house pet - cats.

So when the British Citizens Advertising Takeover Service - long for C.A.T.S - was thinking of ways to replace the in-your-face ads in a London Underground station, they went for the obvious.

C.A.T.S has replaced 68 adverts in Clapham Common with rather amusing pictures of kitties.

James Turner, the founder of Glimpse, the foundation behind the C.A.T.S campaign, while speaking to Catch said, "We tried to imagine a world where public spaces made you feel good. We want to use the power of creativity for good."

Detaching the move from being a "clever marketing stunt for a pet food brand, or a guerrilla campaign for a new TV series", Turner mentioned that the "people behind it are volunteers who raised the money on Kickstarter."

But how does it make a difference?

"We want to inspire people to think differently about the world and realise they have the power to change it," said Turner, while rejecting the advertisements that often dictate us to lead life a certain way.

Every ticket gateway of the Clapham Common station in London, 54 escalator panels, and 14 large posters at the station have been replaced by the 68 cat posters. And commuters can\'t have enough of it.

They can be seen taking pictures in front of it, excited and intrigued by the weird, wonderful change from the drudgery of mindless advertisements.

The campaign, which began on Monday, has raised more than £20,000 (Rs 17,61,888 approx) on Kickstarter to make the ads at the station disappear. The photos are of stray cats from two rescue groups, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and Cats Protection.

Glimpse has collaborated with designers, creatives and writers across the UK to make the campaign happen.

"It\'s important to say that we\'re not against advertising," Turned said. "But we want agencies and brands to be mindful of the power they wield and to use it to encourage positive values in society. Things like empathy and tolerance, community and togetherness deserve to be at the heart of our culture. In these dark times, imagine a world where the creative industry used its enormous power to make these values feel aspirational and relevant to millions of people."

The Clapham Common station will be greeted by adorable cat pictures for two weeks. Because sooner or later, capitalism will make its return?

Priyata Brajabasi @PriyataB

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