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Alert! Excessive use of gadgets affects relationships, reveals new Kaspersky Lab study

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 11 April 2018, 11:06 IST

Technology has done a lot in every sector and to day a new study from Kaspersky Lab says that the overuse of the gadgets affects your relationship. Now, what happens is that people are so involved in social media or internet surfing that they forget the most valuable thing like spending time with your loved ones.

In this technologically driven world, it is common for couples now to depend on devices to communicate and stay connected with each other. However, as per the new Kaspersky Lab study, it revealed, 55 percent of couples have fights because their partner is more interested in his/her gadgets.

People should understand that how the same gadget that often helps them bring closer can push them away. Hence, by doing so and not realising this may putt your relationship at risk.

People rely on devices that help them to stay connected with their friends and family, and the same is true for those in relationships. Couples who are not staying together frequently use devices/mobile phones and social media messaging services to make their relationship stronger.

The study revealed that usage of devices can lead to arguments between loved ones. 51 percent people debated about the device which being used every time even during a meal time or face-to-face conversation.

People generally don't realise this but it is a sign of being disrespectful.


In addition, over half (55 percent) of people debated with their partners why the device is much important than the real life. The time which is being spent on a device is not a real one.

Many people who have realised this have even removed the television set from their bedroom just to have the conversation and the talk which they never get to do it.

It was strange that almost half (45 percent) of couples confessed that they fight over their partners forgetting to charge the device, while 28 percent agreed that losing devices cause disagreements among them.

“The capabilities of modern devices have created huge opportunities for couples, enabling them to constantly stay connected and build their relationship even when they are not together. But, there are cons as well as pros to take into account. These same devices which help couples to secure their love when they are apart can also cause arguments when they are used irresponsibly. By making a conscious effort to take care of their digital lives – Including devices, accounts and online activities – and to not neglect their partners in the physical world, people can enjoy the many benefits that the digital world offers without upsetting their other half,” said Dmitry Aleshin, VP for Product Marketing, Kaspersky Lab.

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First published: 11 April 2018, 11:06 IST