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6 valuable life lessons Shah Rukh Khan’s mother gave him which every parent can benefit from

Namita S Kalla | Updated on: 19 December 2017, 20:50 IST
Whenever Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan is asked about his mother, he smiles that patented dimpled smile and says, “Maa toh sab ki acchi hoti hai. Meri maa bhi bahut acchi thi. My mother taught me the simplest lessons of life that have actually made me who I am today. The values that she has embedded in me, I abide by them even today. In fact the philosophy of life that I follow today is a gift from my mom.”  
On many occasions the 52-year-old actor has revealed the lessons that he has learned from his Ammi jaan. We list six important life mantras that King Khan’s mother taught him and he follows them even today.

Never cut your coat according to the cloth

Unlike others, who preach that one should stitch the coat according to the cloth available, his mom always taught him to earn a bigger cloth and get a coat of your size. “Mom used to say, you cannot wear a coat that is of a smaller size but you can certainly purchase a bigger cloth and get the coat of your own size. Similarly, don’t ever curb your expenses, rather increase your income.” Now we know why SRK says, ‘Don't be santusht.Thoda aur wish karo.'

Be on your own

One of the best lessons children can learn is,to be independent. “My mom encouraged me to acquire things on my own and never ask someone for what I needed. She taught me to be independent and to work towards achieving what I desire.”

Work hard

The Badhshah’s mom was a workaholic herself and she encouraged him to be the same. While she never forced him to work, she often told him that one must work and work hard to achieve whatever one desires. "I had seen my mom work extremely hard and even though she never compelled me to do anything in particular, I knew she wanted me to be sincere towards the tasks that I take up. She set an example by practicing and not preaching."

Never hurt anyone

She drew a perfect line between disciplne and saying hurtful words. "Though at times my mom would be agitated and angry, the next moment she would hug me tight. She believed in spreading smiles and taught me the same. She always said never hurt anyone.”


Nothing is permanent

At an early age SRK learnt to value people and things. To appreciate what he has.  "Mom always used to say that I should never acquire what I do not want. Also, enjoy every moment of my life to the fullest. She explained to me the importance of time. How each second is precious. We have something/someone today, but might not have the same tomorrow or may be the next moment. So while it is there, respect it and enjoy it. People and things both are perishable."


Pray to God; but not for yourself

Lastly, she believed in the power of god and prayers. She would pray for her family and for others. "Pray to God when you see someone is in need, unwell or unhappy. Pray for others." she would say.
First published: 19 December 2017, 20:37 IST