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UKPNP: Organised sex racket run by terror groups in PoK needs world's attention

News Agencies | Updated on: 30 April 2020, 8:33 IST
Organised sex racket run by terror groups

Political activists and human rights organisations have raised concerns over organised sex racket being run by banned terror groups who are targeting local women in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

The United Kashmir People's National Party (UKPNP) has said that several incidents have come to notice in the occupied region where local women are abducted, raped and filmed for blackmailing which led to an organised sex racket by banned organisations.

Nasir Aziz Khan, Central Spokesperson of UKPNP told ANI, "An organized mafia is working in filming and blackmailing young boys and girls in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. In 2015, Maria Tahir, who belonged to Bhimbar district in PoK, was systematically trapped, kidnapped and kept in isolation for 7 months. She was repeatedly raped and blackmailed. The culprits engaged in this organised crime are having close political connections".

Maria Tahir was kidnapped and gang-raped twice by the accused Haroon ur Rashid and Jamil Shafi who kidnap and rape women for extortion.

Maria had to pay 2.5 million rupees in total to her kidnapper and rapist at different times to protect her honor and the life of her son who was also kidnapped by the same gang. When the victim decided to contact local police at Bhimber to register a complaint against culprits the police refused to file an FIR and forced her to settle the matter privately in Panchayat or jirga.

Even the victim got a humiliating response from PoK Chief Justice that Maria Tahir is a married woman and there is nothing serious in her kidnapping and gang rape. Gang rape of a married woman is not a big deal, he added.

Recently, Pakistan-based terror group Jamaat-ud-Dawa's (JuD) top man, Syed Sameer Bukhari, has been taken into custody in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) for operating a prostitution racket.

He was arrested in PoK's Bagh city a day after a video went viral showing him in a compromising position with women visiting his office.

Nasir Aziz said, "A minister in PoK government is now threatening and registering fabricated FIRs against those residents who exposed Bukhari's racket. We have been raising concerns over banned terrorists' organizations who have been running sophisticated network of not only recruiting youth but exploiting young girls and women, filming and threatening them to expose them on social media".

He said, "This is an organized crime and local people are silent because they are fearful of them. There are few who raises their voice against them".

Nasir said that near Rawalakot, there is a place called Hussainkot, where a young girl was abducted and filmed. A policeman was also involved in this incident. The victims' family was threatened of severe consequences if the case was highlighted.

"We make a humble request to international human rights organizations and media to highlight these issues as there is a lack of media in the region. Hardly any such incidents come to light because of media restrictions".

Raising deep concern over the prevailing situation in PoK, the Hong Kong-based International Human Rights Council (IHRC-HK) said, "Filming videos, photos and blacking mailing young girls, women and boys become a profitable source of income for criminals and goons across occupied Kashmir, victims are forced to pay money and bring their close friends for rape and to capture their videos and photos, otherwise videos and photos of victims are being spread among the public".

When the world is fighting against Covid-19 pandemic, the people of Pakistan occupied Kashmir are facing severe threats created by banned terror organisations backed by Pakistan government.


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First published: 30 April 2020, 8:33 IST