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'Trump's foreign policy turmoil is here to stay'


Through a series of executive orders, President Donald Trump is resetting the way the United States engages with the world.

He has withdrawn the country from the landmark 12-nation trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This was the signature effort of the Obama administration, which aimed at creating a single set of trade and investment rules between its member countries, making it easier and simpler for them to trade in the region.

It was also aimed at increasing America's influence in Asia and check China's economic and military ambitions.

Trump also said he would renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and Mexico and has banned negotiating any new multilateral trade agreement.

His 'America First" slogan seems to be converting the US into an insular fortress - by building a wall along the US border with Mexico and banning immigrants from six Muslim-dominated countries of the Middle East for an initial period of three months. There are protests all over America because of the new immigration rules.

The US President has also threatened to cut voluntary contributions to the United Nations and other international organisations and threatened US allies that if they do not toe the American line there would be a cost to pay. US allies are also worried at the prospect of Trump easing sanctions against Russia.

In short, President Donald Trump, true to character, has decided to throw the world in turmoil.

Former Indian Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal says that the uncertainty over Trump's foreign policy and the turmoil it has caused is likely to last at least four years - i.e. till the new US President completes his term. He argues that this is because Trump has set processes in motion and that the world will have to deal with their fallout.

Watch the full conversation with Kanwal Sibal on Trump's emerging foreign policy.

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