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Rosemont hotel in Dubai to be the first hotel with its own rainforest

Whenever Dubai lacks in anything, they throw extravagant sums of money at the problem until it stops being one. Recently, someone must have brought up the fact that Dubai, by virtue of its desert gimmick, isn\'t very green.

So, in true Dubai fashion, they\'ve decided to create a 75,000 square-feet rainforest - larger than an American football stadium - inside a hotel!

Dubai\'s real estate market hasn\'t been particularly buoyant of late, but that isn\'t stopping Hilton Worldwide from embarking on the ambitious project. The hotel, Rosemont Hotel and Residences, will consist of 2 twin 47-story buildings built by ZAS Architects.

One building will house the hotel, which in addition to the forest, will have an artificial beach and a hanging, glass-bottom infinity pool on floor 27. Barring the infinity pool, all the other attractions like the forest and beach will be housed in the 5-story podium that makes up the base of the building.

The forest will be replete with streams, waterfalls and a sensory rain management system to accurately mirror the climate of a rainforest.

The hotel\'s twin building will host 280 luxury properties. The project will cost close to US$550 million, a welcome investment in Dubai\'s current economic climate.