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Rattlesnake‬ and ‪Bobcat‬ standoff in ‪Arizona‬‬ goes viral: Watch video

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 6 April 2018, 11:02 IST

Southwestern US and especially Arizona is the territory of rattlesnakes and bobcats and seeing them fight is a usual sight for the locals. Like any other living being, they too fight the battle of survival of the fittest.

A video of this standoff was captured by a local real estate agent Laura Lucky while she was on a site visit along with a couple from northern California. 

It is believed that Arizona has been dominated by these two animals for ages, even before human existed.

To give the clients a taste of wildlife that existed in the west, Lucky stopped her car for the couple to see the faceoff live while she captured it.

It is to be noted that Bobcats are immune to rattlesnake venom. It is rattlesnake season right now, and snakes are coming out in the warm weather.

First published: 6 April 2018, 10:57 IST